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Get the most out of your vehicle.

Spanners & Sparks Automotive

Complete Vehicle Servicing, Roadworthy Inspections, 4x4 Modifications, JDM Performance Vehicle Specialists, all types of Vehicle Maintenance, and Automotive Repairs.

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Prevention is better than a cure and this is true in the case of cars too. Log book scheduled servicing for new and late model vehicles without losing your manufacturer's warranty.

Plus we deliver that special attention to detail for older vehicles, your prized weekend cruiser, or your track-day toy.


In the state of Victoria a Roadworthy Certificate (or RWC) is required when registering or transferring a vehicle registration.

Spanners and Sparks Ballarat perform RWC inspections and testing for light vehicles (up to 4.5t GVM) in compliance with Vicroads standards of testing.


Ballarats's JDM Specialists. Precise, careful, efficient and fast - the Japanese way.

Not only are we an experienced automotive team, but we are JDM car enthusiasts who can assist with advice. We know the right type of maintenance and which bolt-on performance upgrades are right for you.


To change in wiper blades to a change of engine. Spanner and Sparks have the knowledge and expertise to get more from your car and have things running smoothly.

We can handle any mechanical repair, large or small to any type of vehicle quickly and efficently.


Ballarat’s authorised Roo Systems tuning distributor. Get the best performance out of your diesel ute, SUV, or 4WD with Australia’s own Roo Systems ECU remaps and quality stainless steel exhausts.

Nationwide coverage on repairs and warranty to give you peace of mind wherever you travel.


Brake repairs on any braking system. From minor and major repairs to braking, clutches and suspension systems.

We can handle upgrades to any brake and suspension system like  with items such as heavy duty clutches, suspension upgrades, and big brake kits.


Unfortunately, a Roadworthy inspection is only a minimum set of safety standards, which means the vehicle is safe to operate on public roads.

It's no substitute for a thorough mechanical inspection and does little to give any indication on the reliability or service life of the vehicle.


Got a warning light on you dash? Car not feeling as smooth as it once was? knocking or rattling coming from... somewhere?

We can perform diagnostic checks across a number of critical systems or components in a vehicle, just as a Doctor would do and recommend a solution.


Tailored maintenance programs for all types of businesses, fleets, and vehicles that combine full logbook servicing and safety checks that maintain your original factory warranty.

Our maintenance ensures that the safety of your drivers is prioritised and the resale values of vehicles are maximised.

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