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Roadworthy Inspections

Vehicle Roadworthy inspections carried out to Vicroads testing standards by our trained vehicle examiners.


We know the process of registration or transfers with buying or selling a car can be a stressful time. In the state of Victoria a Roadworthy Certificate (or RWC) is required when registering or transferring a vehicle registration.  Spanners and Sparks perform RWC inspections and testing for light vehicles (up to 4.5t GVM) in compliance with Vicroads standards of testing.

If your vehicle fails to meet the minimum requirements during examination, we can assist in performing most roadworthy repairs in house to make the process as quick and painless as possible for you.

The roadworthy process has changed slightly in the last few months in Victoria. Vicroads have moved to online E-certificates so the new process  is as follows.

If you're unsure, or need to discuss a Roadworthy on your car further, contact us here.

The process of obtaining a Roadworthy in Victoria

  1.  Initial Inspection
  2.  Report
  3.  Revision / Repairs (if required)
  4.  Written Documentation
  5.  Printed copy of E-certificate with Serial number
  6. Certificate presented to Vicroads for registration
  7. If vehicle is being sold, the certificate is handed by the seller to the buyer for the purposes of transfer of registration



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