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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Take the gamble out of purchasing a new car and avoid a "lemon".


"The car I'm buying comes with a Roadworthy Certificate so it should be reliable, right?"

Unfortunately, a Roadworthy inspection is only a minimum set of safety standards, which means the vehicle is safe to operate on public roads.

It is not a substitute for a thorough mechanical inspection and does little to give any indication on the reliability or service life of the vehicle.

This is where our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection reports become a useful tool to know what you are really buying before you decide to go ahead with the vehicle purchase.

Our technicians will give you an unbiased and knowledgeable opinion as to whether any wear on the vehicle is appropriate to both the vehicle’s age and intended use.

Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, just like you wouldn't buy a house without a building inspection?


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